I Created a Homesteading E-Book!

One of the big things on this journey is sharing information and knowledge where you can. I find the people that gate keep are really the ones who don’t have it together anyways. My husband and I are very goal oriented people and we strive for success always. That doesn’t mean we are always successful, but we don’t let that stop us from trying. Undoubtedly we try and try till we figure it out. When you have big dreams, and big goals allowing the fear of failure to get in the way only holds you back from accomplishing those things. 

So this is me not gatekeeping. We figured out what doesn’t work when starting our homesteading journey and we want to share it with you. Allow our failures to be your successes. Learn from our mistakes.


I’ll keep this post short and sweet. I have started creating an eBook series called “Homesteading 101” and this series will touch on certain topics that pertain to starting a homesteading journey including; Keeping Chickens, Generating Income, Gardening, and Preservation. All topics that are super important for beginner homesteaders. 

And that’s not all. I’ll be posting my gardening journal that i use to organize all my gardening needs through the whole process from budgeting, organizing your seeds, companion planting, starting seedlings and so on. This is the journal that I use to record all my ideas, changes for the next years, record my yields etc. 

You can purchase my E-book on my Stan store — > here and thats where you can find the gardening journal once i post it!

Thanks so much for checking in and see what we are up to here on the homestead. 

Take care.

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