What is “The Farmhouse Label”?


Since this is my first blog post I thought I’d share my why. When we started our journey we had no idea this is where we would be now. A lot has changed in 2 years, and I’m proud of the person I’ve become, the hard work and devotion my husband puts into our family and how well my kids have adapted to this huge change we threw at them. 

When I decided to try my hand at earning an income, solely for the purpose of having money to pay for the expensive feed costs, and keeping all these critters happy, healthy and warm. I struggled to find a name for our little funny farm. You see neighbours with their lastnames on big signs at the front of their massive farms but this was just a hobby farm. We weren’t trying to start a generational homestead on our 3 acres, we just wanted to create something that represented us and what we were doing. I’d like to think I’m pretty creative I came up with a huge list of names like:

  • “The beauty and the Burro”
  • “The Hippy on the Homestead”
  • “The Funny Farm Antics” (Which was already and is currently my personal instagram page),
  • “The Turquoise Teahouse” and a few others.

The Farmhouse Label was the last name I wrote down and it just seemed to stick. (Feel free to use one of those names for yourself if one resonates with you. Let me know if you do! I’d love to follow your journey as well.)

But I didn’t just want a brand that represented us, but a brand that represented homesteaders, hobby farmers and individuals alike. I wanted something that would stand out, and be a memorable name. 

The Farmhouse Label has been whatever I needed it to be at the time. First it was a face to a name for my customers who bought eggs and chicks from me. I created a facebook page for when I commented or posted in groups as myself, I was able to share my page so there was a place for people to find us, and see what we do. I grew a following, a small following but oh well. I started creating other social platforms to share my little business with the world. Again still a small following but we are getting there. 

With my background in graphic and web design I’ve started creating my own products; ones that have benefited the efficiency of our homestead, kept my adhd brain on track and streamlined the process of organization, budgeting and furthering our success in having a practical and sustainable homestead. And I’d like to share them with you. Products for other homesteaders that contain my trials and tribulations, my blood, sweat and tears and will save you the spousal arguments that are the equivalent to building IKEA furniture. Oy vey!  Creating a homestead isn’t as easy as throwing a dart at a map and saying let’s go there. Even the most off grid homesteaders require support of other people. In the words of….. I’m not sure who said it…. But it takes a village… or a community in present terms. Community support is a huge thing in the homesteading world, especially rural communities; Like minded individuals, sharing knowledge, supporting one another, and trading goods and services. Whether it be community support online or locally in your area, these communities can help you along in so many aspects of your journey. This I’ve learnt from experience. 

Welcome to The Farmhouse Label. A homesteading brand that is still growing everyday, just as we humans do. A brand that i’d like to see prosper and help others create the homestead of their dreams or better. Visit our store, and follow us on social media. I’ll be sure to post as much as I can, be as informative as possible, and be a like-minded friend when you’re in need. 

Take Care! 

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