One of the ways we are able to create sustainability and self reliance on our homestead is through breeding. We have perfected our breeding programs, increased our clientele and offset feed costs by raising specific animals. All our animals require no out of pocket expenses and this allows us to allocate our finances to other things.

Hatching Services

Hatching Eggs

Experience the joy of hatching your own feathered friends. We strive to ensure 100% fertility rates through our advanced fertility testing procedures. This testing enhances your hatching success and provides you with healthy, vibrant chicks.

Day Old Offspring

If hatching isn’t your thing, that’s okay! We can do it for you! We sell day old chicks, poults and ducklings by request. Whether you want a few or a bunch, let us know we’d love to help you create a thriving flock.


We strive to ensure our breeding flocks meet a high standard for our breeding program. And some birds just don’t make the cut! This means they will be seeking a new coop to call home.

  • Turkeys

    We chose Bourbon Reds due to the high demand within Alberta and have done very well with them. Bourbon Reds are a heritage breed that are slow growing and don’t get as large as conventional birds. Males reaching at most 33lb and females 18lb. They make up for their smaller size with their heavy breasts, dark, rich meat and authentic turkey flavour. Bourbon Reds are considered being easy to raise and handle, the hens are great egg layers and excellent mothers.

  • Chickens

    For the last few years we have bred Lavender Orpingtons, Buff Orpingtons and Rhode Island Reds. We have found our Lavender Orpingtons to produce the best and have the highest fertility rates.

    • For 2024 we have decided to only breed Lavender Orpingtons and growing our breeding stock.
    • Although Buff Orpingtons and Rhode Island Reds are sought after heritage breeds we will be putting them on the back burner for the time being.
  • Ducks

    We love our ducks and we love all the breeds we’ve had over the years; but just like our chickens we have decided to move away from some breeds.

    • For 2024 we will move forward with Standard Pekins, Possibly Jumbo Pekins and Runner Ducks.
    • With our ducks we keep a few extra hens specifically for the purpose of duck eggs for eating as we do have a few customers that love them and they are awesome to bake with!

Breeding Livestock

Potbellied Pigs

We breed unregistered miniature potbellied pigs. We believe in ethical breeding which means we prioritize the health and wellbeing of the parents and their piglets over anything else. We are very selective of where our piglets go meaning we are never in a rush to find a home for these babies.

Hampshire Weaner Pigs

We breed Hampshire pigs which are a heritage breed of meat pig. Hampshire pigs are typically used for bacon and ham production but their meat is also of high quality. The meat of a Hampshire pig is lean and juicy, and has a unique flavour that many people enjoy. Our piglets are usually weaned by 10 weeks and ready to go by 12 weeks.


We breed miniature Donkeys. We love our donkeys, and i will be the first to say that everyone should have a donkey. They are so loving and have the sweetest personalities.


We are working on creating a small herd of breeding females. We currently have four; Nigerian, Lamancha and Nigerian Crosses. The breeds we have are not necessarily “meat” breeds, so most offsprings go as pets.

  • Pigs as Pets

    Pigs are exceptionally smart! As well as stubborn and have big attitudes for such small creatures. We love our little group of Potbellied Pigs affectionately known as the P. Wiggly family. We have four females for breeding, our Boar Oscar and his neutered companion Pablo. At this point we have only bred two of our females in the last year. Once of age we will introduce them all into the breeding program.

  • Weaner Pigs

    We have been raising meat pigs for a number of years. Only since October 2023 have we been breeding and raising our own. We will be holding back one of our Hampshire gilts to be bred along with her mom to Bart our (unrelated) Hampshire Boar. We sell our weaners but will raise them for others as well. This is one of our income generators on our homestead as well as how we fill our freezers.

  • Livestock

    Since we decided to create a sustainable homestead, raising livestock has been important for the cause. Between the chickens, turkeys and pigs we do well with generating a “profit” which offsets the feed costs for our larger livestock. This year we had to feed a lot of hay as our pasture didn’t grow enough to allow for our donkeys to free range. Eventually we would like to bring in a Jersey cow for raw milk and cheese making.